Pricing (Fees)

Here at Consumer Credit Law Consultants, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Consumer Law. 

Consumer Law has various aspects including; the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

When it comes to pricing or fees, we are unable to give you a generic figure. Why can't we give you a generic fee? The reason is that credit agreements are different and the stage at which your matter may find itself will also differ.

Therefore in order to help you understand, the fees that we will charge, we first offer a free consultation. This is in order for us to assess your matter. After-which we will give you a breakdown as to how much our assistance will cost. This will allow you to make a decision to use our services or not.  

We believe in a fair engagement. So you, as the consumer will decide whether or not you wish to use our services.

All we can guarantee is that you will pay much less than attorney prices!

So go ahead give us a try! Fill in the form below!

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